Development Methodologies

Use Our Low-Risk Development Methodologies Today To Catapult Past the Competition

It is undeniable that complex and sophisticated software projects enforce high demands on subcontracting vendors. To achieve consistent success, a project ought to deliver a custom product that yields tangible business value, impels you ahead of the competition, progresses your market position, and more importantly, help you achieve the expected schedule, scope requirements, and of course, the budget constraints. It is true, therefore, that without a predictable and well-defined methodology in place, the likelihood of tackling successfully such a challenge would just be vain.

We As The Scrum Or Waterfall Are Here To Provide The Ultimate Solution!

We are acutely aware that each project can have its unique requirement. Instead of rigidly applying a one-size-all methodology, we accurately analyse your business requirements and proceed to propose the best approach that makes your project viable and fruitful.

Since early 2005, we’ve accumulated an immense expertise and experience in many great development approaches, with Scrum being one of our weapons. Besides that, we adopt the best methodologies from other agile approaches, such as Scrumban and Lean.

Leverage Our Predictable, Low-Risk Scrum Process to Propel Your Business Past the Competition

Since early 2008, Scrum has immensely become one of our best methodologies of choice for the majority of our projects. Without a shadow of a doubt, we heavily favour Scrum to cope successfully with the ever changing or loosely defined requirements to market demands.

Over the years, we have successfully accumulated Scrum proficiency and take pride in using some of the finest Scrum Masters out there who not only excellently lead project(s) but also regularly contribute to the company’s body of Scrum acquaintance.

We have also worked very hard to ensure our processes address the common challenges of outsourced development. True to this effort, we have already received tremendous applause after delivering products to some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Discovery Communications and Google, just to mention a few.

Build Your Dream Product Today As You Minimize Risks and Maximize Budget Control

While we boost on our extensive expertise in nimble approaches such as Scrum, it is essential to note that one-size doesn’t fit all engagements. Therefore, with some projects, the conventional waterfall model would only work best. The waterfall methodology is an excellent option to manage relatively small in scope (or duration) projects successfully, with all non-functional or functional requirements being vividly defined before writing any code.

Oxagiles waterfall methodology is a mature collaboration and a clear model that controls our man-centuries of development know-how as well as PMBOK finest practices to deliver your project on budget, time, and of course, with the required level of quality.