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Software developers are the key to the success of any software company and here are ten ways in which you can gain knowledge from the developer’s mistakes:

#1. Make sure that you follow good international trade practices and take backups regularly to avoid any data loss. This will allow you to revert to the last working mode if you make a wrong move.

#2. Learn from each incident and take AAR(After Action Reviews) from the people involved in the mistake or those who can help to overcome the mistake. This will help to avoid such mistake in the future and will help you deal with it in case it happens again.

# 3. Use your senior colleagues to mentor the youngsters to avoid any rookie mistakes. Teach the new employees about how easy it is to make mistakes during software development and it is completely normal. It makes the youngsters aware of which skills they need to work on and will strengthen their relationships with their colleagues and seniors.

# 4. Motivate and trust the developers and make them trust the company by supporting them in the case of a mistake. Do not make them feel that they will lose their job if something wrong happens.

# 5. Do not act instinctively and fire the developer who made the mistake as this can bring discontent in the company. Rationalize your thoughts and explain the person where he went wrong and what can he do to avoid the same mistake in the future. Your people are your biggest assets and should be treated with respect.

#6. Examine the mistake rather than finding someone to put the blame on as this reflects poorly on the company. Work on strengthening the preventive measures to avoid such situations.

# 7. Have an emergency crisis response team at your behest at all times so that the reaction time to a problem is reduced significantly. This will save you the hassles of struggling to find the right phone numbers when you need them the most.

# 8. Reviewing the codes from time to time will help you eliminate bugs and reduce any errors in the software.

# 9. Use deployment scripts to automate the coding process as they identify any wrong spellings and corrects them on the go. This minimizes the chances of human error.

#10. Use markups to enhance the visual appeal of your software as they help you identify the mistakes quickly when you glance over the documentation.
Here are the ten ways in which a software company can learn from developer’s mistakes and use them to strengthen the system.